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Refurbishment process

We break down each forklift and rebuild them to be as good as new. Our refurbished forklifts undergo the following procedure.

Before refurbishment

Each forklift is broken down and completely refurbished to be as good as new. View the process of creating an as good as new forklift.


The unit will be stripped, all major components and perishable parts are removed and replaced. This includes tyres where applicable. We refurbish all Forklift types, be they petrol, diesel or LP Gas engines. Our refurbished Forklifts are quite literally as good as new and have all been thoroughly load tested as well as engine reconditioning fully tested.

We understand the high cost of maintaining a single forklift or a fleet of forklifts and at McKlift, we are committed to providing a refurbished Forklift that will perform as well as a brand new one. Our preference is Toyota Forklifts but we will refurbish and make available any forklift brand.

hydraulic piping
front and rear lights


We then go through the engine and transmission, identify replacement parts. Once all is in order a full compression test is done.


Body fill all dents and damaged body components.
Layer of primer painted.
Final coats painted. All original Toyota colors.
New Tyres fitted
All major components replaced and fitted.
All perishable parts replaced and fitted.
Original Toyota decal sticker sets fitted.

The unit is then Load tested and ready for delivery. We are service focused and are always ready to help you achieve what you have set out to. Perhaps the refurbished forklift you buy is too small or too large, we will always try our damnedest to provide you with the right forklift for the right job. Trade in your used forklift against another refurbished used forklift.

After refurbishmernt

Superior quality, diverse range and price make MckLift an industry leading materials handling equipment supplier. We are expert refurbishers.


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