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Diesel forklifts

MckLift has a variety of used diesel forklift and forklift brands available in varying carring capacities. from 2.5 ton diesl forklifts all the way to specialised heavy lifter diesel forklifts. Our used diesel forklifts carry the Mcklift price and service excellence guarantee. At Mcklift Forklift sales we provide used diesel forklifts you can count on.
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lpg gas forklift for sale

Petrol/gas forklifts

LPG gas forklifts have carrying capacities from 1.5 tons to 3.5 tons and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor materials handling applications. Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) is offers an extremely efficient enigine which extends the life of engine compnents beyond traditional combustion engines in a low noise, low emission environment.
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electric forklift for sale

Electric forklifts

Our range of used electric forklifts for sale include both three and four wheel electric forklifts with lifting capacities up to 3 tons. An electric forklift inside a warehouse for lifting and picking is a quiet, odorless and highly efficient workhorse that has an incredibly good record. Improve the work environment with a noise free electric forklift.
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MckLift are a Preferred used toyota forklift Dealer

Quality, range and price make MckLift an industry leading materials handling equipment supplier

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