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2.5 ton forklifts for sale

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2.5 ton diesel forklift

The forklift designers of today have spent time on making the operator experience and ease of use a priority. The head room and leg room offered by today’s 2.5 ton used forklifts for sale offers improved comfort, but more importantly visibilty and safety. Lifting capacities have been well established for many years and with technological improvements in steel strength, motor and winch capacities and other proprietary design elements, a 2.5 ton forklift is an engineering masterpiece.

Diesel motors are often the first motor types considered when ¬†looking to purchase a used 2.5 ton forklift but mounting concerns over emissions have in the recent past become a consideration. Thanks again to technology, the diesel motors in today’s 2.5 ton forklifts are exceptional efficient offering dramatically reduced emissions.

Improved steering and turning circles of the newer model 2.5 ton forklift allow for improved functionality in tighter spaces. This allows yards to improve available storage space.

2.5 ton petrol forklift

A used 2.5 ton petrol forklift is available at excellent prices with low hours and full service histories. Petrol forklifts are very easy to service and in most brands today require no special tools. The fact that a mechanic can use the same tools that he uses to service a truck that he will use to service or maintain a 2.5 ton petrol forklift makes a lot of sense and improves efficiency and reduces down time.

There are little or no differences between the functionality of a 2.5 ton petrol forklift or diesel forklift. They both still have all of the safety features you would expect on a 2.5 ton forklift like the roll cage, reinforced overhead guards, tilting steering column and a netral safety start. Lifting capacities are identical, turning circle, fork tilting capabilities and lift capacities are the same and what you would expect from a 2.5 ton forklift.

2.5 ton LPG gas forklift

The 2.5 ton LPG gas forklift for sale is an engineering masterpiece allowing for quite, extremely low emission rates and functionality previously not available in low noise low emission forklifts. LPG gas engines and the gas delivery systems have an excellent safety record and the cost of repairs and maintenance is significantly low.

If you need a silent, low emission and powerful workhorse for indoor loading and moving, an LPG gas 2.5 ton forklift should be your first consideration.

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